Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sling it, kid & hair for the garden

Sunday, Keagan fractured his arm (it's basically a hairline crack).  He needed a sling, and not one single store in our area had them in kid-size. After hitting up a series of stores with no luck, Keagan and I returned home with a mission.  We were going to make one ourselves!  Why didn't I think of that in the first place?

We used some camouflage fabric from a hand-me-down shirt to create this cute mini-sling.  The soft, worn t-shirt material makes it comfortable and breathable.  Perfect fit for this little boy!

Of course, having a "bum arm" hasn't slowed him down any.  He's still on the go!

Speaking of my little Keagan, as you can see, he got a major haircut! While I miss his wispy locks, I love his short hair.  (I'm a little torn- I really loved his long hair! He looks so grown up now, which is cute, but... eep! What happened to my baby?)

A while back, we learned that human hair is great for keeping certain bugs from nibbling at your garden! So, after his haircut, he got to sprinkle the trimmings throughout our plant beds!  Talk about making the most of what you've got!

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