Monday, May 2, 2011

The first taste

Our gardens aren't producing much yet, but some of our tomato plants have finally brought forth the fruit of our labor! If you've never had a homegrown tomato.... you're really missing out!

Our hanging strawberry plant is having a tough time. Every single berry that buds ends up drying out.  Our weather has been quite strange- very hot and dry... and suddenly a cold blast (with no rain).  Our city water seems to damage our plants as well. It's all been an educational lesson, though.

We have two (out of about ten) squash plants that survived (so far). Something kept munching on them until I finally sprinkled hair clippings and baby powder around.  There were three, but I tried to transplant one and.... yeah... I killed it.

I'm just thankful God was gracious enough to at least allow us a taste of our produce. It's just so amazing to be able to pluck something from my own yard and eat it. I often wonder what it would have been like in Eden.  What will it be like when Christ comes to reign in the new earth?  Am I the only one who ponders food in this manner?

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