Sunday, February 13, 2011

They've been anticipating this....

The kids have eagerly anticipated this day. We've saved containers to start our seedlings, and today, we were able to begin our little garden.

Brandon began by explaining how it worked. I'm not sure anyone was listening, since they couldn't wait to poke their sticky little hands into the dirt. 

Chip looks on as the group talks about seeds.

Merikalyn refills old water bottles for the project while Alexis, Nolyn, and Keagan check out all the different seeds.

Alexis uses a measuring cup to distribute the soil.  Later, we head/palm ourselves for using Miracle Gro. We've had the bag for a while and didn't think to purchase something organic. We still have many more seeds, so we'll be picking up a bag of something else.

Keagan loves getting a chance to dish out the dirt.


Tara and Nolyn watch on.  Slow going when everyone has to have a turn!

Evidence Mandy was there (snapping mobile photos, of course).

Feb 13' 2011

The kids have really been enjoying the outdoors.  They're excited about the future, and I'm glad we're taking the steps to get them involved.  I feel so connected to my ancestors when there are seeds in my hands and dirt under my fingernails.

It is my hope, when we finally do step foot on acreage that is our own, our children won't be completely shocked by the culture change. 

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